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  • Jan 4, 2021

While showing appreciation to those who dedicate a large portion of their lives to your business is simply a nice thing to do, it also boosts morale and has other benefits for your company's growth.

Forbes Magazine wrote that recognized employees are happy employees.  Happy employees are on average 12 percent more productive than their less-happy counterparts.  Good vibes in the office translate into a happier and more peaceful home life.  And when employees feel recognized, they stick around and don’t look for new jobs.  

Many simple gestures can show your employees you appreciate them, and we’re partial to gifting quality company swag along with a hand-written thank you note.  In particular, items that make their work lives better, gifts they can use at home and fun wearables. 

Combine company swag with another surprise – like a bonus half-day off – for an even more thoughtful experience.

If physical gifts aren’t in your budget right now, here are other ways to show appreciation to your employees:

     • Send a hand written thank you card noting achievements or traits you appreciate in the employee

     • Give sincere compliments

     • Publicly recognize achievements

     • Give random surprise time off, like a late arrival or early departure

     • Add employees to your About Us page

Any gesture makes a difference, especially in the midst of this crazy time!

If you're interested in potentially gifting branded swag for your employees, Contact us for ideas.  We can even ship gifts directly to their homes. 

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